Translation Committee

The Berean Bible Translation Committee is comprised of members of the Bible Hub and Discovery Bible teams. Advisory Editors Dr. Gary Hill, Dr. Grant Osborne, Dr. Eugene H. Merrill, Dr. Maury Robertson, Dr. Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen. Special thanks to the Bible Hub team for work on an inclusive base text and interlinear. Special thanks to the Discovery Bible team for extensive language support, including the extension of translation notes of Dr. Gleason Archer, which have contributed greatly to the development of the interlinear, literal, study, and emphasized versions.

Admittedly, the translation committee is small compared to many of the major translations. However, we believe that the method and even size also has lent itself to some clear advantages:

1. The use of a small and focused committee has avoided the scenario of a multi-million dollar project where costs and investments need to be recouped. Thus, generous permissions and usage allowances can be offered for all publishing formats.

2. Whereas some large committees assign a single book to each translator or team, the Berean Bible is translated as a single unit. We believe that this method lends to consistency throughout the text, and especially for the many parallel and related passages of Scripture.

3. The Berean Bible employs the concept of an “open translation” where all sources (interlinear, literal, study, and emphasized) are documented and matched to the original text. The full translation tables are available in the download section of this site. We believe that this lends to an honest dialogue over translation issues, where the original text can be referenced and understood by all who wish to study. Input to the committee is also welcome at any time.

4. In the above sense, the translation committee is very large. The interlinear base text has been studied by a large portion of the millions of users of Bible Hub and the Discovery Bible. Many hundreds of readers have offered specific input, all of which is considered on a verse by verse basis. This support comes from a great number and diversity of contributors, including lay persons, pastors, teachers, seminarians, and professors. This open policy will be continued and enhanced as the Berean Bible becomes available on many platforms, and all feedback and recommendations will be appreciated at any time.

We pray that this text will enable readers to connect with God’s word to study it, memorize it, share it, and proclaim it. We are inspired by the model of the early Christian church:

After this letter has been read among you, make sure that it is also read in the church of the Laodiceans, and that you in turn read the letter from Laodicea. – Colossians 4:16

The Scriptures belonged to the church and were meant to be examined, copied, and distributed. We hope to be able to live up to this example with all the resources we have been entrusted to pass on.